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Server Rules

1: Be resecful!
2: New non-metal bases have a 3 day grace period on being raided. Or turrets; if you have turrets your base is allowed to be raided.
3: No building on resource nodes!
ARK: Survival Evolved

Artemis 3.0

Reign of Kings

Server Rules


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$5 Pack

1 Vault | 1k Cementing Paste | 1k Ingots | 1k Pearls | 1k Crystals

$10 Pack

1 Vault | 2k Cementing Paste | 2k Ingots | 2k Pearls | 2k Crystals | 1k Dye of Your Choice

$15 PACK

1 Vault |1 Generator | 1 Fabricator | 1 Refrigerator | 1 AC Unit | 3k Cementing Paste | 3k Ingots | 3k Crystal | 3k Pearls | 1k Dye of Your Choice

$20 Pack

4 Vaults | 10k Cementing Paste | 10 Turrets | 5k Crystal | 5k Pearls | 8k Ingots | Set Of JourneyMen Tools x3 | 2k Dye of Your Choice

Please Note!

Once you buy a kit please notify an Admin through Ark or Teamspeak, if no Admins are on go to the Contact Page and send us an email stating what kit you bought, once we have verified your purchase we will try and get your kit to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

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